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Transcription of the Antiphonal

Saint George

    The transcription, which appears on the right hand side of the screen, follows the layout of the words on the manuscript page on the left.

    Abbreviations appear in the original manuscript in a variety of ways. the most common being shortened forms of the word, sometimes indicated by elision marks and sometimes not. The repetition of a whole line of verse may be indicated by one word and a full stop. These abbreviations have been extended to render the whole word, and where practicable additional words have been supplied to aid identification of a repeated passage, or the first words of a psalm or hymn.

    The use in the original manuscript of black lettering for the main body of the text ,and red for the instructions for the service has been preserved in the transcription as well to assist understanding.

    Where additional text has been considered useful, this has been supplied in square brackets. This applies particularly where words have been broken in the transition from one page to another.

    Scribal errors have been included at this point and not corrected, so that the nature of the original manuscript is preserved. For simplicity in reading, comment on them has been reserved for the notes accompanying the translation.